Join our World Climate Project Research Effort

With funding from the National Science Foundation and in collaboration with Climate Interactive and SageFox Consulting Group, we are conducting research to measure learning outcomes from the World Climate Project across educational and cultural settings.  You can join this effort by becoming a World Climate Facilitator and asking your participants to fill out pre- and post-surveys before and after their experiences, respectively. If you prefer, you can email us to request online versions of the pre- and post-surveys. 

Before your event, read the Informed Consent Statement (en français; en español) to your participants and ask them to fill out a pre-survey.  After the event, ask them to fill out a post-survey. Please note that in order to maintain participant confidentiality, someone other than the instructor should adminster surveys.

Next, fill out the form below (including uploading your scanned pre- and post-surveys).  If scanning documents is difficult, you can send hard-copies to:

World Climate Project Research
C/o Juliette Rooney-Varga
Olney 102D
Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences
265 Riverside Street
Lowell MA 01854


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