The CCI's Interview Series was filmed in collaboration with local cable television, the Lowell Telecommunications Corporation. View any episode below.

Climate Interactive: Simulations for Climate Change
Travis Franck, Climate Interactive and MIT

The Economic Impact of Climate Change
Frank Ackerman, Synapse Energy Economics
Economic choices and policies that could positively or negatively affect our future world

The Movement of Carbon from Our Land to Our Oceans
Oceanographer Bob Chen, UMass Boston
Carbon sinks in the oceans, how they occur and possible consequences

Old Media, New Media: the Promise and Perils of Communicating Climate Change
Geoffrey Haines-Stiles, write and producer for PBS' "Earth, the Operator's manual"
Climate change information through visuals, video and new media

Rethinking Climate Refugees and Climate Conflict: Rhetoric, Reality and Politics
Dr. Betsy Hartmann, Hampshire College
Climate change and location may force migration; political reaction and consequences

Building the Movement to Transition Beyond Fossil Fuels
Carrie Watkins, Brandeis University student; Better Future Project
Student activist speaks about her experiences and projects at Brandeis

Climate change and extreme events: What we know and what we don't
Dr. Ellen Douglas, UMass Boston
Current research, what it is showing, future implications

Climate change comes to Thoreau's Concord: Impacts on plants, birds and butterflies
Dr. Richard Primack, Boston University
Study of bird and plant adaptations and migrations over a period of time in Concord, MA; climate change factors

The Future of the Clean Energy Industry"
Scott Clavenna, CEO GreenTech Media, Boston
Alternative Energy Solutions, wind and solar

Climate Change and Cleaner Energy: Legal Pitfalls and Prospects
Dr. John Duff, UMass Boston
Legal hurdles and cleaner energy in a quickly changing world

Overview of the basic climate change science, greenhouse gas emissions, and potential impacts of climate change
Dr. Juliette Rooney-Varga, UMass Lowell
Overview of basic climate change science, greenhouse gas emissions, and potential impacts of climate change, along with a demonstration of a policy that could be used to reduce emissions.