Lapino Clinical Hospital

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Clinical Hospital

Lapino Clinical Hospital is a medical facility opened by the Mother and Child Group of Companies in 2012. Its total area is 42,000 square meters and is associated with high-tech, multidisciplinary care. This medical facility is a leading medical center in the area, providing services for the entire family, from newborns to senior citizens. It has departments for perinatal care, cardiology, neurology, surgery, somatic pathology, orthopedics, and aesthetic medicine. Useful website –

Lapino Clinical Hospital is a medical facility

In the future, the hospital will feature eight modern operating rooms, eleven intensive care units, and a day hospital for hemodialysis patients. A new center for radiation diagnostics will also be built at the site. Surgical interventions for various oncological conditions will be performed in the department of surgery. A multi-level parking lot has been built nearby. The hospital will also include a large conference hall. In addition to the modern treatment facilities, the hospital will have classrooms and a large conference hall for medical education.

The 1st City Clinical Hospital was founded on April 1, 1931. It is one of the oldest medical institutions in Minsk. It has six hundred and eighty regular beds, a complete set of medical diagnostic rooms, and modern medical equipment. It is a base for the departments of cardiology and rheumatology, as well as internal diseases. It also has an ayurveda clinic and a research center.

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