Key Players in the Web Site Development Process

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During the web site development process, the developer is responsible for creating the entire website from the wireframes to the final product. This includes the front end and back end development. The key players in the process include a UI/UX designer, a backend developer, and a full-stack developer. Each of these roles is important in the creation of the best possible website. Listed below are the key players in the web site development process.

A Little Known Way To Key Players In The Web Site Development Process

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Client-side development: This phase is responsible for how the website will interact with its visitors. Depending on the technologies selected, designs are transformed into special animations, which the users can then interact with. A developer will make the interface of the site friendly and responsive for all users. Web site developers can also use backend development to integrate the website’s database and business logic. These skills are crucial for creating a successful website. But it is only one part of the process.

The second step in web site development is the interface building stage. The programmer creates a static version of a website that has no functionality. Unlike a dynamic website, static interfaces only record events and store data. Furthermore, they become stuck when they change their look and are not visible to users with little knowledge of HTML. As a result, a website developer must have extensive knowledge of these technologies before starting a new project.

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