Curriculum: Courses

These are the climate-related courses currently offered by CCI faculty in a wide array of disciplines.  We will be adding additional courses as our program grows so please check back soon to see what's new.

Regional Weather and Climate Modeling

Mesoscale atmospheric dynamics and regional climate dynamics. Application of regional weather and climate model to regional weather, climate modeling and forecast problems.

Mesoscale Atmospheric Dynamics

This course is designed for students to apply atmospheric dynamics and physical analysis techniques to mesoscale and convective-scale phenomena...

Atmospheric Thermodynamics

The variables of state, Charles' law, Boyle's law, equation of state for an ideal gas, mixtures of gases. Thermodynamics of dry air, water vapor and moist air. Clausius-Clapeyron equation.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

This course is a survey of ground based, balloon, rocket probe, radar and satellite remote sensing techniques. Optical and radio frequency remote sensing techniques are surveyed. The focus is on the determination of physical, chemical and dynamical quantities by remote sensing measurements.

Reviews the selection and design of materials for use in energy generation and conservation applications. PLAS.5470