Key Partners

Our partners are as varied as our team members. They include local, state and government institutions, policymakers, lawmakers, private and non-profit companies, universities and K-12 schools. Some external collaborators and partners are listed below.

Climate Change Coalition

The Climate Change Coalition (CCC) is a student group affiliated with the Climate Change Initiative. The CCC welcomes students from all disciplines to become engaged in the global discussion on climate change, join our club meetings, attend the CCI Teach-In, and take further action in climate justice. The mission of the Climate Change Coalition is to develop meaningful and lasting partnerships with community groups, other student organizations and University faculty and staff to help promote sustainable practices and educate others on the importance of environmental issues - particularly those related to the consequences of climate change. The CCC is NOT a scientific or scientist-limited organization; members come from all departments and academic career paths.
UMass Lowell Students, join the CCC today on COLLEGIATE LINK OR FACEBOOK
Contact us to Learn More: President: Sabrina Pedersen Vice President: Andrea Larsson Secretary: Sean Cloran Webmaster: Victoria Kurker

Climate Interactive and MIT System Dynamics Group

With funding from the NSF, the UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative and Climate Interactive are partnering to bring transformative climate change education tools to educators and students. Our approach leverages Climate Interactive’s decision-support simulations in immersive role-playing games that enable students, citizens, and decision-makers to come to their own insights, grounded in current scientific understanding, about the impacts of national and regional climate and energy policies. Our partnership has led to the development, international propagation, and research on cutting-edge simulation-based experiential learning tools that deliver key insights into the climate and energy systems.  These experiences have been delivered to more than 1000 UMass Lowell students, led to invited presentations by CCI faculty at international and national conferences, as well as media coverage by Science magazine, the Washington Post, and others.

Lowell Telecommunications Corporation

The Climate Change Interview Series was filmed in collaboration with the Lowell Telecommunications Corporation.

UMass Sister Campuses

The CCI has served as a liaison between faculty focused on climate change and sustainability education and research at UMass Lowell and our sister campuses in Amherst, Boston, and Dartmouth. Additionally, we have worked with regional community colleges including Middlesex and Mount Wachusetts Community Colleges.

Thoreau Society and Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

The Climate Change Initiative has worked with these organizations to develop a virtual “classroom in the woods,” or digital platform that features place-based pages that show how climate change is affecting historic landscapes and public lands across Massachusetts.

Museum of Science, UMass Boston, Hofstra University

Our leadership of this partnership has been integral to the NSF-funded project, which leveraged out-of-home media as a tool for informal climate change education and gained national attention.

TERC, Cambridge Media Arts Studio, Cambridge Public Schools

Through our NASA-funded Climate Education in an Age of Media (CAM) Project, we have integrated student media production projects into climate change education and service-learning.

National Park Service

Seeks to provide climate change education through its docents.

Lowell Earth Day Celebration 2016

We are partnering with numerous organizations in the greater Lowell area for Lowell Earth Day Celebration 2016, a city-wide, month long celebration of the arts, nature and sustainability.  Partners in this initiative include the Office of the Mayor, Lowell Public Schools, Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Cultural Organization of Lowell, Lowell Boys and Girls Club, Mill City Grows, Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, United Teen Equality Center, Saydanar Community Development Center, Neighborhood Services, Mill City Grows, Lowell National Historical Park, Western Ave Studios, The Umbrella Community Arts Center, Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Nonprofit Alliance of Greater Lowell.