Susan E. Gallagher

Susan E. Gallagher

Associate Professor Susan E. Gallagher specializes in the history of American political thought.  While her current research focuses on the abolitionist movement and the legacy of slavery in the U.S., she teaches courses and develops digital resources related to environmental politics and policy, contributing to UMass Lowell's Climate Change Initiative by offering 46.175 Intro to Environmental Politics, the foundational course for the Environment & Society Minor, as well as Thoreau in Our Time, which explores Henry David Thoreau's influence in present-day environmental debates.  She also  produces digital curricular materials that place climate change within the context of the American political system; some of these resources can be accessed on her faculty web page: American Politics, Policy, Culture & Law.

One of Susan's larger digital projects, Mapping Thoreau Country: Tracking Henry David Thoreau's Travels in Massachusetts, illuminates Thoreau's role as a founding figure in the American environmental movement and highlights the continuing impact of his writings in inspiring effective responses to the policy challenges presented by rising temperatures here in the U.S. and around the globe.         

Expertise: American Politics, Political Theory, Media Studies, Environmental Politics, Digital Media, Legal Studies

Educational Background: Ph.D., New School for Social Research; B.A., Ramapo College of New Jersey

Faculty web site: American Politics, Policy, Culture & Law