Paul Piraino

Paul Piraino is the Energy and Sustainability manager at UMass Lowell. Paul understands the urgent need to improve the university's energy and sustainability footprint, and he has made this need the driving force of his efforts. He works diligently to build awareness and cultivates cross-department collaborations for carbon reduction on campus.

In this role he has participted in the following efforts:

1. Team work to develop and manage the Utility Budget of $10 Million and pursue a program to reduce the university's energy and GHG emissions in collaboration with major stakeholders. 
2. Program of capital and operational improvements to reduce energy usage, cost and environmental impact; including operational and capital activities. Develop annual call for new energy and deferred maintenance projects.
3. University's Climate Action Plan energy conservation efforts and reporting concerning energy conservation, renewables, green practices, energy procurement.
4. Initiative to develop university's Sustainabilty & CAP website and UMass Lowell's STARS certification. 
5. UMass Lowell's new $27 Million Accelerated Energy Program to reduce water use and total energy by 25%.
6. University's 16 MW Solar Net Metering Credit contracts with commercial solar energy developers.
7. Research and convey information on sound policies and standards for energy conservation, load curtailment, sustainability, and sustainable design.
8. Interdepartment collaboration -Facilities, Budget, and Procurement to recommend energy conservation strategies. Teamwork with project management staff throughout the university to attain green-building LEED building certification. Five LEED buildings have been built since 2012.
9. Good communication with state officials, such as the Executive Office of Energy Resources
10. Keep the university aware of best practices and funding opportunities