Madeline Snow

Madeline Snow

Madeline Snow is a Project Manager at the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. An experienced trainer and facilitator, she works with a wide variety of organizations to improve sustainable practices, environmental compliance, and energy management. She has worked with a public transit authority, colleges and universities, a city school district, large office buildings, drinking water and wastewater utilities, visual artists and food/beverage processors to change practices to become environmentally, fiscally and socially sustainable. She has developed self-assessment tools and guidebooks including, An Environmental Management Guide for Colleges and Universities for EPA Region 1 and an Energy Management Guide for Water and Wastewater Utilities for EPA. Prior to joining the Lowell Center, she worked with EPA and a variety of states to on joint priorities. She spent 25 years in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in a variety of programs, including enforcement, water quality planning, waste site cleanup, emergency response and strategic planning.

Research Interests

• Working with organizations to improve compliance and sustainability practices 
• Creating tools, group exercises and other resources to assess and guide improvements in sustainability and energy performance 
• Applying a plan-do-check-act management system approach to energy, water, waste and toxic use reduction

Educational Background

M.P.A., Harvard Kennedy School 
B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies, New College of Florida