Selected Publications

Rooney-Varga, J. N. 2018. How a game can move people from climate apathy to action. The Conversation.

Rooney-Varga J. N., J.D. Sterman, E. Fracassi, F. Kapmeier, V. Kurker, E. Johnston, A. P. Jones, K. Rath. 2018. Combining role-play with interactive simulation to motivate informed climate action: Evidence from the World Climate simulation. PLOS ONE. 2018;13(8):e0202877.

Sterman, J. D., L. Siegel, J. N.  Rooney-Varga. 2018. Does replacing coal with wood lower CO2 emissions? Dynamic lifecycle analysis of wood bioenergy. Environ. Res. Lett. 13(1): 015007. Featured Article; In the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric.

Smith, L. K., J. N. Rooney-Varga, A. U. Gold, D. Oonk, D. Morrison.  In press. Media Literacy as a Pathway to Bridge the Digital and STEM Divides:  Interest-Driven Media Projects for Teachers in the Trenches. 

Rooney-Varga, J.N., A. A. Brisk, M. Shuldman, and K. Rath.  2015.  The CAM Project:  Tools for bringing student media production into climate change education.  In the Trenches.  5(1):  4-7.

Rooney-Varga, J. N., Brisk, A. A., Adams, E., Shuldman, M., & Rath, K. Student media production to meet challenges in climate change science education. 2014.  J. Geosci. Ed. 62:  (4): 598-608.  doi:

Sterman, J., T. Franck, T. Fiddaman, A. Jones, S. McCauley, P. Rice, E. Sawin, L. Siegel, J. N. Rooney-Varga. 2014. WORLD CLIMATE: A Role-Play Simulation of Climate Negotiations. Simulation & Gaming. doi: 10.1177/1046878113514935

Dunaj, S., J. Vallino, M. E. Hines, M. Gay, C. Kobyljanec, and J. N. Rooney-Varga.  2012. Relationships between soil organic matter, nutrients, and bacterial community structure on the performance of microbial fuel cells.  Environ. Sci. Technol. 46 (3), pp 1914–1922. DOI: 10.1021/es2032532

Li, W.K.W., R. A. Andersen, D. J. Gifford, L. S. Incze, J. L. Martin, C. H. Pilskaln, J. N. Rooney-Varga, M. E. Sieracki, W. H. Wilson, N. H. Wolff. 2011. Planktonic Microbes in the Gulf of Maine Area. PLoS ONE 6: e20981.

Hines, M. E., K. N. Duddleston,  J. N. Rooney-Varga, D. Fields, J. P. Chanton. 2008.  Uncoupling of acetate degradation from methane formation in Alaskan wetlands:  Connections to vegetation distribution. Global Biogeochem. Cycles, 22 (2): GB2017.

Hasegawa, Y., J. L. Martin, M. W. Giewat, and J. N. Rooney-Varga. 2007.  Microbial community diversity in the phycosphere of natural populations of the toxic alga, Alexandrium fundyense.  Environ. Microbiol. 9:3108-3121.

Rooney-Varga, J. N., M. W. Giewat, K. N. Duddleston, J. P. Chanton, and M. E. Hines. 2007. Links between archaeal community structure, vegetation type, and methanogenic pathway in Alaskan peatlands. FEMS Microbiol Ecol. 60:  240-251.

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