World Climate Simulation for Classrooms

The importance of climate change and sustainability will only grow during our students’ lifetimes, as will the need for climate-literate citizens and professionals of all types. We have developed an interactive and engaging simulation that has been shown to deliver significant gains in students’ knowledge, motivation, and desire to learn more in this area: the World Climate simulation. World Climate is an active learning experience in which students take on the roles of negotiators and are challenged to create a sustainable global future. Their negotiations are framed by current scientific understanding in real-time through our interactive computer model, C-ROADS, which is also used for real-world climate policy analysis within the highest levels of the US government, the UN, the private sector, and NGOs, as well as by citizens and students around the world. 

The materials and tools for World Climate are available here for free - the materials here make it easy to bring the simulation into secondary schools (grades 6-12), as well as undergraduate classrooms. This interactive tool enriches and energizes the classroom, making learning engaging, memorable and meaningful. The curriculum resources listed here provide all that you need to engage students in World Climate, including an instructor's manual.

Teaching Materials

World Climate for Secondary Schools Curriculum

World Climate Slide deck

Supplemental Slides 

Materials for Students

Briefing Statement- Developed Nations 

Briefing Statement - Developing-A Nations 

Briefing Statement Developing-B Nations

Pre World Climate Homework Assignment

Glossary of relevant terms for students


Find more materials and educator resources here.