Research Seminar: Environmental History of Middle East

What does it mean to study history from an environmental perspective? How do we understand the evolving relationship between human and non-human nature? Recent scholarship about the history of the environment in the Middle East and North Africa poses innovative answers to these questions. bringing the environment into the historical picture enables alternative perspectives on colonialism, nationalism, capitalism, gender and sexuality, empire, race, and class. What are some of the benefits of these interpretations? Are there also drawbacks?
How does one talk about climate change impacts in the region when thinking historically?

Read primary and secondary sources ...

Research a topic of your own choosing vis-a-vis Middle East environmental history.Systematic research in primary and secondary sources culminating in the writing of an original research paper using proper methodological and stylistic techniques. Weekly meetings and written and oral progress reports. Students must be acquainted with word-processing techniques. Required of all History majors. Meets Core Curriculum Essential Learning Outcome for Applied & Integrative Learning (AIL), Critical Thinking & Problem Solving (CTPS), and Written & Oral Communication (WOC).

Link to Catalog: Hist 4320 Research Seminar: Environmental History of Middle East (permission Williams)