Curriculum: Programs

CCI faculty are involved in a wide range of academic programs within all thirteen of our home departments and are also working together to develop interdisciplinary academic programs focused on climate change and sustainability.  These include two interdisciplinary minors, “Climate Change and Sustainability” and “Environment and Society.”  We are also working on developing a graduate certificate and will post more information here as it becomes available.

Environment and Society is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students with analytical and communication skills, as well as the scientific foundation needed to excel in environmental planning, environmental policy, environmental philosophy, sustainable development, environmental education, and other fields. Topics explored include climate change, sustainability, policy development and implementation, environmental economics, resource rights, law and regulation, environmental ethics, and the role of environmental issues in domestic and international conflicts.

Climate Change and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary minor, under the direction of the UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative and housed in the Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department (hereafter EEAS). A student enrolled in this minor will gain an understanding of the basic science behind climate change as well as the social and economic consequences of climate change. Strategies for sustainability and climate adaptation will be addressed.