Topics in Writing: Contemplative Writing about the Environment

When we bear witness, it’ act of conscience & consciousness [with] consequence.
...Unless we grieve what we’re losing, unless we honor the beauty, we don’t find our way through to that place of action.”  Terry Tempest Williams

Environmental writing is a form of environmental action that honors the connection between the natural world and human experience... as parts of a whole. Through mindfulness practices, arts-based strategies, and attention to embodied experiences, participants will compose essays that meditate on an idea or object relating to the environment, taking guidance and inspiration from writers in this genre. Together, we will explore ways to write about the environment—ways of grieving, honoring, exploring, critiquing, loving, and questioning. We will work on our writing together in workshop. ... We will collaborate to create a class publication and a public reading of our work. Participants will keep a journal, write several short reflective essays, one publishable essay, and a final reflective portfolio.

Link to undergraduate course catalog: ENGL 4020  Topics in Writing: Contemplative Writing about the Environment